Natura biobased memory foam is made from natural raw material which is palm oil. Palm oil is renewable resource and it is safer and healthier for both workers and consumers, environmental friendly and less global warming emission. Natura biobased memory foam mattress is the total support that it provides. You will be able to feel the adjustment of the Natura biobased memory foam mattress is fully supporting your body. You will also be able to feel the adjustment of the Natura biobased memory foam according to the contours of your body.

Warranty Coverage
Natura mattress offers “Limited Warranty”. This indicates that the warranty period provided does not extend to every possible situation. “Pro-Rated” indicates that if any problem occurs that is covered by the warranty during the term of the warranty, purchaser will be charged for any repair made or, if necessary, any exchange of the mattress at a specified sum.

  1. The whole Natura mattress carries 12 years pro-rated limited warranty from date of purchase excluded Natura Stylish series mattress carries a 15 years pro-rated limited warranty from date of purchase.
  2. Natura Topper carriers 5 years pro- rated limited warranty from date of purchase.

  3. Natura mattress provided as a first timer replacement for valid limited warranty. This “Limited Warranty” does not cover FOC items.
  4. The warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the product only.
  5. Any manufacturing defects arising within first year of purchase will be repaired at no cost but cost of transportation shall be borne by the purchaser.
  6. Manufacturing defects develop after first year, repair or replacement or credit value of the mattress will be made as per the pro-rated value the consumer shall bear the difference of the new mattress value and the credit value. The pro-rated value is as follows:
    Within 12 months of the date of purchase: 100%
    1-3 Years: 80%
    3-4 Years: 60%
    5-6 Years: 40%
    7-8 Years: 20%
    9-15 Years: 10%
  7. The cost of transportation for repair is to be borne by the purchaser.
    Standard transportation charges shown as follows:

    Area Transportation Cost
    Johor & Melaka RM 50.00
    Out of Johor and Melaka Area RM 100.00
  8. This warranty is void if the foundation is not firm, even and supportive. A foundation that is too hard, too soft, not supportive, or restricts air circulation may damage your mattress and void this warranty.
  9. This warranty does not cover any bedding that has been soiled or burned, or has received obvious physical abuse or improper care to the fabric. The manufacturer reserves the right not to handle any items for repair due to they are in an unsanitary condition.
  10. This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser, and valid only for residential use. Contract and commercial usages are not covered by this warranty.
  11. This warranty is void if mattress has been serviced or repaired outside of factory.
  12. Purchaser must keep sales receipt or other proof of purchase, and provides copies of these documents at the time you submit a claim under this limited warranty.
  13. Notification of claims under this limited warranty or other inquiries shall be directed to the retailer from whom the product was originally purchased. If retailer cannot be contacted while find the manufacturer for warranty request.
  14. The limited warranty covers only manufacturing defects, which has been inspected and certified by Natura personnel.
  15. Natura does not warrant that this product is suitable for any person’s health or medical condition, and makes no warranty beyond what is contained in writing above.
  16. Our company reserves the rights to substitute materials of equal quality if identical materials are not available at the time of repair or replacement.
  17. Natura shall not be liable to pay any consequential or incidental damages, or damages or expenses of any other nature whatsoever.
  18. Natura reserves the rights and authority to change the terms and conditions from time to time without any notification.

This Warranty Applies To

  1. Coils or wires that are loosen or broken.
  2. Coils or wires that protrude or rip through the fabric.
  3. Mattress concaves more than one and a half inch (1 1/2 ”)or greater.
  4. Sagging: ONLY your mattress is continuously supported by matching foundation or equivalent, with an appropriate frame.

This Warranty Does Not Apply To:

  1. Mattress that is stains, soiling, burns or infested with vermin, even if defective.
  2. Mattress if found to be in unsanitary condition.
  3. Border wires bent due to moving or bending the mattress.
  4. Mattress damage due to inappropriate foundation or support system.
  5. Structural damage due to using improper bed frame or support system.
  6. Body Impressions. The manufacturer will not consider normal body impressions or constitute a defect material or workmanship for purposes of this limited warranty.
  7. Transportations, inspection or removal costs.
  8. Comfort preference.
  9. Merchandise sold “as-is”, “distressed” or “floor model/ sample”.
  10. Do not provide sales receipt or other proof of purchase documents at the time claim submission
  11. If the product is used for commercial purpose, for example hotels, motels or institutional facilities.