Wellness is more than just a buzzword for wellbeing, vitality and fitness. It has become a social phenomenon which confers the wish of ‘eternal youth’ – wellness is a new life philosophy and the commercial aspect is being employed as an important pulse generator and growth motor in many industries.

Preventive Hygiene Technology

Our antimicrobial treatment offers preventive hygiene technology and allergic protection on our fabrics through a clinically tested active substance. Due to its wide range of action the treatment controls a multitude of bacteria types on textiles, controls dust-mites, helps reduce the risk of allergies and reduces body odour on the fabric.

How it works

  • Dust mites live on skin flakes, which are broken down by special mould fungi (eg Aspergillus repens). The treatment interrupts the food chain by stopping the growth of mould fungi. Multiplication and further spreading is prevented.
  • The anti-dust-mite effect has been confirmed by the independent test institute IFTH (Institut Français TextileHabillement) in France, who tested according to the standard test method NF G39-011.
  • Perspiration is the basic nourishment of bacteria. When utilising it, volatile degradation products with unpleasant odour (eg butyric acid) are released. Since modern garments easily absorb and pass on perspiration, degradation takes place mainly on and in textiles. The odour developing on textiles can be unpleasant. This treatment durably prevents this and confers deodorising properties to textiles.


  • Hygiene
  • Freshness
  • Health
We are able to manufacture high quality palm oil memory foam and palm oil polyurethane foam mattress