Why Natura

Memory Foam is a visco-elastic foam originally developed for NASA. It was used by NASA because of its ability to distribute pressure across the entire surface, thus easing extreme G-force. It’s also sometimes called slow recovery foam.

Memory foam gently reshapes itself to pressure applied to it, which eliminates joint and muscle stress during sleep. People who suffer from arthritis, scoliosis and chronic back, knee or hip pain report a marked increase in pain relief. So it was subsequently used in medical applications.

Bio-based memory foam has all the benefits of memory foam without the toxic ingredients.

Biobased Materials

All of our product is tested Biobased Determination (ASTM-D6866-08)

All textiles are made from 100% natural hypoallergenic material

Itex Gold Medal
  • Luxurious and outstanding comfort
  • Healthy, allergy-free sleep environment
  • Space technology memory foam
  • Reducing the overall pressure placed on your joint without pushing back



For the local market, we have our delivery team to deliver our products to most areas in Malaysia.


With many years of export experience, our products have been successfully marketed to many countries. We have customers in Asia, Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East and many other countries over the world.